If Yelp allows me to give Jonsen 10 stars, I will do it in a heartbeat. I found him through Yelp. I was actually blasting several messages to a various lighting vendors. He was one of the quickest one to respond. Long story short, I decided to go with him. For a really reasonable price, he delivers more than you asked.

I sent him 30+ e-mails I'm sure throughout this whole wedding process. He didn't even miss one reply. I really appreciate people who respond promptly as it reduces the stress a bride has.
We got married at Vellano Country Club and Jonsen had been there before so I even felt more comfortable. But me being the way that I am, I still sent him a bunch of e-mail to make sure he knew what I want- that exact color shade. I also added the drapery because I didn't like how the venue had a striped wall- I was honestly rushing when I booked it.

The day of, my sister came up and asked some random question about the color of the uplight being blue, but Jonsen was so polite answering her that I requested for white. It shows professionalism when you treat everyone nicely and not only the couple.

I didn't get to see the reception room before the ceremony. The moment before our grand entrance, I was so nervous because flowers and lighting are two of the most important things for me.
I will not forget the first thing I saw when I first entered. I felt transported to another room. It wasn't the room that used to be here. The draping was so flawless, up to the top. The lighting was exactly what I wanted, what I saw on Pinterest LOL.

During the grand entrance, he changed the lighting to colorful which I didn't request, but amazingly beautiful and fitted to the moments.

I can't say enough good thing about Jonsen. He's one of the best decisions I made for my wedding.
When you have an event coming up, please do yourself a favor and book him for whatever service you need.

Candice & Wesley, Got married on the September 9, 2017 @ Velano Country Club